Blog 311, 6/11/14 - Why this US Open is so Important

When was the last time you looked forward to a US Open? I mean really looked forward to it. Not because it's one of the three most important, momentous, and influential championships in the game, but because you actually, genuinely, truthfully enjoyed watching it.
Before this year, I had never looked forward to a US Open.

Blog 310, 6/6/14 - Get Dad Something Good

Fathers Day is coming up fast (June 15th), and you'll be wanting to get the old man something good, something he'll actually appreciate, find a use for, and enjoy. The items listed here weren't just lifted from press releases or some generic Fathers Day gift wish list. I actually own them all, and have been using them for months in three cases, weeks in two cases, and a few days in the other three. If he's anything like this dad, your dad is going to thank you for having the good sense to get him any of these...

Blog 309, 5/22/14 - Bennett Finishes Strong at Meridian Valley

Lake Padden's Luke Bennett shot a second consecutive two-under 70 in the final round of the Washington Open Invitational yesterday to finish the tournament on one-over-par and tied for 21st.

Blog 308, 5/21/14 - Major Improvement from Bellingham Golfers in Round Two of State Open

Bellingham's Matt Cowell, Luke Bennett and Dean Russell all fared much better in the second round of the Washington Open Invitational than they had in the first.

Blog 307, 5/20/14 - Bellingham Golfers Make Indifferent Start at Washington Open

It wasn't a great day for Bellingham golfers at the 88th Washington Open Invitational at Meridian Valley CC.

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