Blog 37 - Oosthuizen Wins the Open

Oosthuizen - Well, I Saw it Coming
The first time I saw Lodewicus Theodorus Oosthuizen swing a golf club, I remember thinking 'that guy's going to win the 2010 Open at St Andrews'. wasn't quite that specific.

Blog Number 36 - 7/16/10

Hard Luck Matt
Matt Rawitzer went out of the PNGA Mens Amateur Championship at Royal Colwood GC in Victoria Thursday, beaten 3&1 by the host city's Kevin Carrigan.

Blog Number 35 - 7/15/10

Well played Matt; Hard Luck Matt
Matt Rawitzer won his Round of 64 match at the PNGA Mens Amateur Championship yesterday, advancing to today's second round. Sadly, Matt Cowley won't be joining him.

Blog Number 34 - 7/14/10

Good Luck Matts
BellinghamGolfer wishes Matt Cowley and Matt Rawitzer the best of luck in today's Round of 64 matches at the PNGA Mens Amateur Championship being played at Royal Colwood in Victoria, BC.

Blog Number 33 - 7/9/10

I Played Golf!
Yes indeed; stars, moons, planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids, and every last bit of floating debris in the Universe aligned on Wednesday evening, enabling me to get out to Lake Padden for 18 very enjoyable holes...well, 17 and one I'd rather forget.

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