Blog 196, 4/17/12 - Vikings Finish Second at Stanislaus Invite

Western Washington University had three players tie for fourth place in medalist play, but still finished second to host Cal State Stanislaus, at the 39th annual Jim Hanny Invitational Men’s Golf Tournament that ended Tuesday at the Turlock Golf and Country Club.

Blog 195, 4/11/12 - Gebhardt Finishes With 74 in Phoenix

Jessi Gebhardt shot a three-over 74 in the second and final round of this week's Grasshopper Tour event.

Blog 194, 4/9/12 - Gebhardt Shoots 76 in Arizona, Goodwin GNAC POW, Another Good Week for Aerotech's SteelFiber

Jessi Gebhardt shot 76 in the first round of this week's Grasshopper Tour event in Phoenix, Ariz.

Blog 193, 4/3/12 - Vikings Tie for Sixth in Florida

The Western Washington University men's team shot a level-par 284 in the final round of the Barry Buccaneer Invitational in Miami Shores, Fla. today, finishing the event tied for sixth on 11-over 863.

Blog 193, 3/29/12 - Hank Haney Interview from 2005

All this brouhaha surrounding publication of 'The Big Miss' - Hank Haney's book about the years he spent teaching Tiger Woods - reminded me of an interview I did with Haney in February 2005, about a year after the pair had started working together. Representing a British magazine, I visited Haney at his Golf Ranch in Lewisville, Texas, and actually paid for a lesson ($400!) before sitting down in his office for a two-hour conversation.
Gaining access to Haney was surprisingly easy. Even though he was Woods's coach, I'm not sure he had many 'people' at that stage. I went to Texas to do a feature about the lesson and Haney's teaching methods as much as I went to learn more about his working relationship with Woods. There was an understanding the interview wouldn't all be about his prize pupil, but I couldn't help myself and probably ended up asking more Tiger-related questions than I should have. At one point, I was fairly certain Haney was going to stop the tape and show me the door.
Though studious and reserved throughout, Haney was a little more revealing than I had anticipated - nothing like as revealing as he is in 'The Big Miss' of course, but then he hadn't been coaching Woods for long so probably didn't have much to reveal. A lot of what we talked about focused on the swing changes Woods was trying to ingrain at the time. Remember, this was in the days before Woods's 'one-legged' victory at the 2008 US Open, his subsequent health issues and, of course, the 2009/10 scandal, so there wasn't much to talk about besides his swing.
I think it still makes interesting reading seven years on and, rather than just pick out the questions about Woods, the whole interview is reproduced here.
Sadly, I no longer have the images from the article that was published (in a long-deceased magazine) in April 2005, but they showed Haney using the same drills on me as he used with Charles Barkley, Ray Romano and all his other projects.
(I'll post a review of 'The Big Miss' within the next day or two).

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