Blog 356, 9/30/16 - Ryder Cup Predictions

ryder cup logo 2016From last night:
Friday morning foursome (alternate shot) matches at the Ryder Cup:
Jordan Spieth & Patrick Reed vs Henrik Stenson & Justin Rose (prediction - halved)
Phil Mickelson & Rickie Fowler vs Rory McIlroy and Andy Sullivan (prediction Europe wins 1up)
Jimmy Walker & Zach Johnson vs Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer (prediction USA wins 3up)
Dustin Johnson & Matt Kuchar vs Lee Westwood and Thomas Pieters (prediction USA wins 4up)
USA 2.5 Europe 1.5
US bench - Holmes, Moore, Snedeker, Koepka
Europe bench - Fitzpatrick, Wood, Willett, Cabrera Bello

From earlier today:
Friday afternoon fourballs
Well, I did predict the US would take the morning foursomes, but not by 4-0! What we European fans must remember though is that these players are perfectly capable of sweeping the fourballs and making the score 4-4 by the end of the day. I suspect that won't happen, but it's still early. Chin up lads.
Friday PM Fourballs
Spieth/Reed vs Stenson/Rose (Beautiful. The return match. Think Stenson and Rose will click into gear and win a very hard-fought point 1up).
Holmes/Moore vs Garcia/Cabrera Bello (Not sure I would have paired Holmes with Moore, but of course it could work. Sergio had a miserable morning and will be eager to regroup, and he'll feel comfortable with his countryman - match halved).
Snedeker/Koepka vs Kaymer/Willett (Danny's going to be heckled like crazy, but he has the guts and fortitude to rise above it. He'll quiet the US crowd I think. Really not sure about Snedeker and Koepka. Think Europe win this one handily - 3&2).
Johnson/Kuchar vs McIlroy/Pieters (Great match. Bombers DJ and Pieters will turn the course into drivers and short irons/wedges and be looking for several birdies each. McIlroy will want to win the point he lost this morning, but DJ and Kuchar will prove too strong for everyone this week I think. US wins 2up).

Fourballs - Europe 2.5 US 1.5
Day 1 - US leads 5.5 - 2.5

US bench - Fowler, Mickelson, Z Johnson, Walker
Europe bench - Wood, Fitzpatrick, Westwood, Sullivan

rory bows ryder cupFrom tonight:
What a fantastic day at the Ryder Cup. Shame about some of the gallery's heckling, but players in the Ryder Cup know what to expect, even if they don't necessarily like it.
Anyway, the US got off to an amazing start. No one was expecting a 4-0 whitewash in the morning foursomes, but when you look at the pairs DL3 put out, it shouldn't be a massive surprise they all won. These are good players you know. Mind you, I would have been equally un-stunned had Europe won all four.
I heard an interview with Darren Clarke in which he said there genuinely was no panic at lunchtime. These players know everyone is capable of beating anyone else, and that returning the favo(u)r with a sweep in the afternoon fourballs certainly wasn't outside the realm of possibility.
As it happens, Europe won three of the four meaning the score after day one was 5-3 to the US.
The captains will have given very different messages to their teams this evening. Love will have emphasized the two-point lead they still hold, while Clarke will have stressed the Europeans wrested the momentum back in the afternoon.
Europe needs to keep that momentum going in the morning foursomes, however, if they are to keep the US from building a substantial lead.
Saturday AM Foursomes
Fowler/Mickelson vs McIlroy/Pieters (Oh, what a match. The US pair played great in today's foursomes taking out McIlroy and Andy Sullivan. Pieters didn't have a great debut in the foursomes going down heavily with Lee Westwood to DJ and Kuchar, but Westwood would be the first to admit he was largely to blame. Pieters came back strongly this afternoon with McIlroy so will feel comfortable going out with the Ulsterman again. Hard to call what will be a great tussle, but I give it to Europe 2&1.
Snedeker/Koepka vs Stenson/Fitzpatrick
Surprising perhaps that Rose and Stenson have been split, but Clarke no doubt felt Matt Fitzpatrick and Chris Wood needed to be blooded and thought it best to pair them with experienced players rather than together. The Englishman will feel confident going into battle with so strong and reliable a player as Stenson. But they will need to play well as Snedeker and Koepka showed this afternoon what they are capable of. Another hard one to call, but I give it to the US 3&2.
Walker/Z Johnson vs Rose/Wood
The US pair played brilliantly on the back nine in their foursomes match this morning beating Garcia and Kaymer, and their confidence will be soaring. Chris Wood is the unknown here (in Ryder Cup play at least) but Rose is just the man to settle him, and Wood will be eager to impress his countryman. Tough match, but Europe just takes it 1up.
Spieth/Reed vs Garcia/Cabrera Bello
The Spaniards clearly work well together, winning their fourball match this afternoon, but I think the US pair is too strong here. Spieth and Reed will want to make amends for the drubbing they took this afternoon, and will come out firing. US wins 3&2.

Saturday foursomes - US 2 Europe 2
Match score - US leads 7-5

US bench - Holmes, Moore, DJ, Kuchar
Europe bench - Kaymer, Westwood, Willett, Sullivan

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