Blog Number 3 - 5/4/10

Tuesday's Musings

It's a gorgeous morning in Bellingham, so I'm going to try to get out for a few holes somewhere. Mind you, Tuesdays are normally spent taking the kids to school, picking them up and perhaps taking them to the Jump Around Funzone where I can at least sit back and relax for a few minutes while they...well, jump around.

Mothers Day is coming up so I'll be making a few gift suggestions tomorrow, but in the meantime I'm thinking about a winner for the Players (PLAYERS? Players Championship? PLAYERS Championship?) this weekend.
If Phil Mickelson wins and Tiger Woods finishes outside the top five, Mickelson goes to number one in the world rankings. Tiger did drop to number three during what some newspapers called a slump (slump!!@?? - he won five times and earned over $10million) in 2005, but it would still feel strange were Mickelson to overtake him. Of course, you never really know which Phil Mickelson will show up, but if he plays anything like as well as he did at Augusta then he'll probably win. Rory McIlroy is obviously in top form though, so perhaps I'll go with him instead. As for an outsider, how about Alvaro Quiros who won in Spain last weekend and Ricky Barnes who seems to save his best for the big stage.

If you're heading out to the course today, have a great time and hit a few for me, because the more I think about it, the more it becomes clear that finding the time for golf today is but a pipe dream, a fantasy, a large and formidable castle in the sky.

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